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Garden Updates

7 June 2019

Fruit trees, big and small including

  • Apples, Peaches, Pears
  • Dwarf Nectarines
  • Prunes, Plums, Cherries

Beautiful ground covers

  • Alyssum Alice White
  • Alyssum Alice Purple

European cuisine enthusiast? We have

  • Thyme
  • Chervil

Or you prefer to look East?

  • Asian greens

Interested in any plants highlighted in this page? Call us at (08) 8337 2344

Indoor and shades

  • Calathea Fusion White
  • Calathea Cora
  • Silver Satin
  • Aluminium plant
  • Spider plant
  • Old Man's Whiskers (air plant)

A little colour for your office space, perhaps?

  • Nerve Plant (Fittonia)

Have cats? Then you'll want some:

  • Catnips

Since we're on that theme, we also currently have:

  • Catmint
  • Cat Grass

Want a distinctive smell? (Of the pleasant kind)

  • Curry Plant

We have some nice selections of succulents, such as

  • Sedum Cape Blanco

Something more delicate?

  • Delta Pure Rose

Don't like red? How about striking purple for garden beds or hanging pots?

  • Pansy Frilly

Want your flowers above eye level? Get one of the most popular ones.

  • Crepe Myrtle

Don't take our word for it. Ask Google!

Kitchen essential!

  • Assorted Garlic Seeds

Come on in and take your pick of cultivars. See you at Glynde Mitre 10's Garden Centre!