Harden 120 pce Socket Set


  • Forged from chrome vanadium

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  • Forged from chrome vanadium
  • Includes the following products:
    • 7-12.5mm Dr. Hex sockets:20,21,22,24,27,30,32mm
    • 11-10mm Dr. Hex sockets:8,9,10,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19mm
    • 6-10mm Dr. Torx sockets:E8,E10,E11,E14,E16,E20mm
    • 9-Bits (Hex :3,4,5,6 mm;Slotted:4,5,6.5mm;Philips:#1,#3)
    • 9-Bits (Torx :T10,T15,T20,T25,T27,T30,T40;Pozi:#1,#2)
    • 4-10mm Dr. Hex deep sockets:13,14,15,17mm
    • 16-10mm Dr. Bit sockets:(Torx:T20,T30,T40,T45,T50,T55; Hex:4,5,6 ,8mm; Philips:#1,#3; Slotted:5.5,6.5mm; Pozi:#1,#3)
    • 4-6.3mm Dr.Hex deep sockets:8,10,12,13mm
    • 10-6.3mm Dr.Hex sockets:4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13mm
    • 3-Universal joint:6.3mm Dr. ,10mm Dr. ,12.5mm Dr.
    • 1-6.3mm Dr. Bit adapter
    • 1-6.3mm Dr. Bit handle
    • 3-Dr.Spark plug socket:1/2″:16mm,21mm;3/8″: 14mm(for Japanese series)
    • 11-Combination wrench:8,9,10,11,12,13,14,16,17,18,19mm
    • 1-6.3mm Dr. Extension rod:2″
    • 2-10mm Dr. Extension rod:3″,6″
    • 2-12.5mm Dr. Extension rod:5″,10″
    • 3-Flipper ratchet handle:6.3mm Dr. ,10mm Dr. ,12.5mm Dr.
    • 2-Hose tap adapter:3/8″*1/2″;3/8″*1/4″
    • 1-Auto tester :12-24V
    • 2-6x100mm Full tang screwdriver (slotted and philips)
    • 9-Ball key wrench:1.5-10mm
    • 1-1/2″Dr.,Bit socket T52,100mm length
    • 1-Three jaw oil filter wrench
    • 1-Socket for dismounting damper
    • 1-Hex socket H17 for dismounting screw
    • 1-Bihexagonal socket M16 for dismounting screw