Cartia Avoca Vanity 400mm


The Cartia Avoca Vanity is the ideal choice for small rooms. Featuring a sleek and slim design, this vanity sink offers modern features in a small package. It also has dual mounting options to allow you to customise its installation according to your personal preferences. Utilise the legs and prop it on your bathroom floor or hang it on your wall for a bit of extra space at the bottom. Featuring a slimmer, box-like appearance with a single tap on the side instead of in its usual front position, the Cartia Avoca Vanity is a great option for those with limited spaces. It even has a single door with chrome handle for storing your bathroom essentials neatly. Coated in a high gloss white paint, it’s sure to blend in with almost any bathroom look and decors.

  • Small, slim and box-like design
  • High gloss white paint
  • Wall hung or legs option
  • Features one door with chrome handle
  • Perfect for those with limited spaces
  • Dimensions: H650 x W400 x D230mm

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